About us

About us

Bayside Furniture imports, wholesale and retail solid wood interior and outdoor furniture. Our main office, showroom and warehouse are located in Geelong Victoria.The company was established in 2001.

Bayside Furniture bussiness philosophy is to create and develop contemporary furniture lines from selected wood species with its natural beauty and warmth. All items are made of solid wood. The evolution of furniture forms and proportions and the craftsmanship has been brought to its perfection. That has inspired us to introduce furniture with simple contemporary lines, made from solid wood, and with small details like stainless steel hardware to give a modern touch.


Contemporary by forms, warm through solid timber material. That is basically our design philosophy. We exclusively use solid wood as the most traditional material for furniture manufacturing. Teak is one of our main wood species. Color and grain are its main attractions. We use natural finish that preserves the woods natural look. This we believe, is a completely new direction in furniture designs and craftsmanship.


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