Product Information

"Contempory by forms, warm through materials". That is basically the design philosophy of the European company that manufactures the presented furniture. They exclusively use solid wood as the most traditional material of furniture materials.

Presented range is made of teak, with its exceptional durability due to a high level of natural oil.
The qualities of teak are well known: it has excellent workability and beautiful color and texture.

Bayside Furniture can provide Made To Order (MTO's) products as long as the design concept is maintained.
We can also be used for Made To Order projects, like offices, restaurants and public venues.

A substantial part of the collection is handmade. Occasional imperfections are part of the charm. Neverthe less Bayside Furniture is committed to focus on setting the standards of product quality in our category.


Can Bayside Furniture be used outdoors?

Not all products can be used outdoors unless within covered areas. Plain tabletops are nat especially made for outdoor use - as rain, subshine may warp the furniture.
Outdoor furniture requires specific design and construction solutions, like slatted tabletops.

We produce one line of Teak - metal outdoor for such an environment.

Do you supply retail shops?

Yes. We supply retail shops and interior designers. End-consumers are kindly asked to contact us and we will be glad to inform them about the nearest Bayside Furniture retailer.

Where can your furniture be seen?

Bayside Furniture participates every year as Furnitex in Melbourne. Next trade fair will take place in 2011.


For Bayside Furniture Teak Collection:

95% of our teak products are not stained, which means not finished with conventional finishing materials.
Because of its high natural resistance, teak basically needs no additional protection.

Teak Furniture for interior use can be maintained by using water & soap.
Widely available maintenance products - even dish soaps - can do the job. We nevertheless have selected some polishing products widely available whichhave the particular characteristics to leave the natural aspect of the teak unaffected.

It fully protects its natural charm. This product has been tested and is used for all our restaurant and pub projects. It comes in packages of 250ml and can be purchased through our retailers.


Our environment is an integral factor in the quality of life we lead. Bayside Furniture cares about the environmental issues related to the sourcing of our suppliers.
At present, our supplier of teak furniture uses carefully reclaimed teak wood in about 60% of the teak furniture products.

That reclaimed timber is extracted out of neglected buildings or old warehouses. This is a legitimate and responsible source whereby only culturally and historically unimportant buildings are selected.

The reclaimed wood is cleaned and cut into the required components before further processing. The salvaged material comes in different sizes. Supports, frames and posts are used in different products, mainly used in dressers, cupboards and chairs.About 40% of the teak furniture production is using plantation teakwood.

These teak plantations were setup on the Isle of Java by the Dutch about 150 years ago. They are now managed by Perum Perhutani, a specialized Indonesian government agency.
That agency is maintaining a strict policy regarding the size and quantity of trees cut each year, as well as the annual replanting.